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If casual sex is your goal, then SPdate can be your wingman. This sex site offers anonymous browsing, advanced searches, and private communication, all for free, to help single men and women find a potential partner and arrange sexual encounters that satisfy their secret fantasies.

Trial Trial - 1 Day - $1.99


Plan Name Period Price
Premium 1 Month $29.95
Premium 3 Months $44.85

Features of SPdate

  • Through the platform, you can invite members of your group for example for a swingers bash, for free exchange and the swapping of partners hence group fun
  • SPdate members can favorite images and member profiles.
  • Possibility of free registration, filling out a profile, visiting a video chat;
  • There are plenty of erotic videos and pictures.
  • Possibility to hide your identity
  • An easy to navigate home page, which closely resembles the Facebook format
  • Feed structure
  • Unfortunately, this mature dating site doesn’t conduct verification of members
  • The site imposes relatively higher charges for the premium packages.
  • Impossible to use the site as a non-paying member

SPDate’s making huge ripples in the adult dating platform industry. It completely undercut their competition using a very smart method, which you’ll find out further in the article. Through SPDate, it’s easy to score a hookup. Put your charisma to the test by creating an account on SPDate website and seeing how long it takes before you’re overrun by their sexy members.

What is the SPDate site?

SPDate is a top-notch adult dating and hookup site. It’s unique in that it does not follow the pricing schemes as other hookup platforms do. It does have minor limitations, however. There’s no such thing as a SPDate guest account. You have to register and create a profile if you want access to the limitless SPDate girls. Once that’s done, you can begin going through the thousands of users located near you and quite possibly score a hookup on the same day. Make sure to deck out your profile, and the messages will start rolling in. Once you’ve made a SPDate profile, you’ll learn how to truly live!

What’s so special about SPDate messages?

Messages are the key feature of any dating site. You either have to pay for them using credits/tokens on a per-message basis, or you need to purchase a monthly subscription. The draw of SPDate messages is that it follows neither of these methods. Instead, you can chat with other users for free. You don’t have to buy a website-based currency or subscribe for a recurring monthly membership. Simply sign up, look through profiles, and hit up the chicks that send blood rushing to your dick.

How to send photos on SPDate?

Sending and receiving sexy pictures are a key part of online dating. It’s even more essential to know how to do it on SPDate because it’s free. When you’ve found a user you like, open up your inbox with her. Next to the text box where you usually type out messages, there’s a button you can tap to attach photos. This allows you to attach pictures from your computer to the message and send it to the girl you’re interested in. Your sex chat just got a whole lot sexier!

How expensive is it to use the SPDate website?

SPDate is the most inexpensive site to use. You don’t need to make any sort of payment to use it. Everything from creating an account, to sending messages, to getting matches and setting up a date is free. You can browse a chick’s profile and even go through her photos without incurring any costs.

Is there an SPDate app you can use on smartphones?

There’s no mobile app, but the devs thought this shortcoming through. You can access the SPDate chat on mobile without downloading an app at all. Their website is optimized for use on all smartphone browsers, be it iOS or Android. Every feature accessible on the desktop website is accessible through this mobile website. You might even find that some aspects, like browsing profiles, are easier on a smartphone with a touchscreen than on a computer with a mouse. You get to chat with SPDate girls on the go, set up meetings with women in cities you’re visiting, and never miss out on a night of passion just because you’re not near your computer.

Sites like SPDate to try out

If you wanna try a site that offers an experience somewhat similar to what SPDate offers, there’s a few that come close. These sites are built differently to serve the same purpose, which is to get you laid. You’ll definitely find a hookup here:

SPDate offers a premium experience for literally zero cost. You can create your account, make a SPDate profile, find a girl, message her, fuck her the same night, and never spend a penny. When it comes to hookup platforms, SPDate is the clear winner!


Is SPDate fake or real?

SPDate is very much real. Populated with real users from all over the US, it’s easy to set up your own account and start talking with other users. Once you learn of other people’s experiences and even get a hookup or two yourself, you’ll be convinced SPDate is the real deal.

Is SPDate a scam?

SPDate has no way to scam you. It doesn’t even charge money for you to talk to other users. A website that isn’t even trying to take payment from you can’t possibly scam you. Even the presence of bots is kept to a minimum level.

Is SPDate legit?

SPDate is a legitimate website. They have customer service to assist you with issues you have. There is age verification if you want to be one of the verified users. It doesn’t attempt to take money from you in any field and is regarded as one of the nice websites to get sex on.

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